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From: Eric Westwick
Subject: Gossip Gay 9Here is the 9th chapter of my Gossip Gay story. It is in the celebrity
section under male/male. Thanks!This is a story about characters from the
television show pthc tiny tits Gossip Girl. Itis a work of fiction and the author does
not claim any knowledge about theprivate lives of the actors and this story
implies nothing about theirsexuality. I do not own these characters,
adapted for television by JoshSchwartz and Stephanie Savage and produced by
CSB Paramount NetworkTelevision, Warner Bros. Television, College Hill
Productions, and AlloyEntertainment. This story takes place after the
events of season 3 and before season 4. Enjoy the new season!Spotted: Chuck Bass having his heart a girl? Say it isn't so!
While Chuck is hung up on some NYU coed drop out, who will fill the void he
left in the Upper East Side? And whose void would get filled?
Nate was on all fours, totally pthc cumshot naked and exposed. A large black man was
railing into his ass, stretching out his tight teen hole. The man had his
big, strong hands on Nate's hips, casually pulling Nate on and off his
massive pthc metafile
dick like Nate weighed nothing. Nate's own dick was stiff as a
board without him even touching it, even though he had already cum several
times that day. His roommate Chuck had gone off to Europe and left dear
Nathaniel some little white powder and a his little black book. He was now
using it to get some big black cock. He's broken up with his girlfriend
Serena after finding out she'd hooked up with his friend Dan, and now he
was was spending his summer off from Columbia to work through Chuck's black
book page by page.
Nate heard the door to his apartment open but he didn't look up. He was too
focused on the cock spearing his insides, leaving himself powerless. Nate
clenched the mattress hard, trying to withstand the sensual assault on his
vulnerable hole. Nate did look up when Dan Humphrey entered the room. "Oh
my God, Nate," said Dan in shock at the image of Nate greedily offering up
his hole to the larger, dark man. Dan was mesmerized by the side of his
giant prick somehow magically disappearing inside Nate's tiny asshole. Nate
was taken out of the taken out of the moment briefly by Dan's arrival, but
only briefly as the man behind him somehow found a way to thrust his dick
in to him deeper. Nate moaned and then bit his lip and pthc avi locked eyes with Dan
as his ass got rammed. The man fucking Nate had no reaction to Dan's
arrival. When he had arrived there had been a different guy already fucking
Nate, so he figured Dan was just the next trick here to fuck Nate. Plus he
was way too close to coming to care about Dan's arrival.
The man dug his fingers into Nate's butt cheeks and picked up the pace on
his thrusts. He leaned over and started biting at Nate's neck. Nate moaned
at the sensations on his neck and the increased invasion of his hole, but
except to wince every now pthc malaya
and then, he didn't break eye contact with
Dan. The man started moaning, and Nate braced for what was coming. The man
sank his dick deep into Nate, and held it there. For a moment, pthc serial number crack he held Nate
very still, his cock buried all the way in him. The his dick unleashed a
flood of cum in pthc cp site the preppy teen. Nate winced as the steaming juice
splattered his sensitive insides. His cum mixed in Nate with the other guys
who had already fucked him that day. When the man pulled his tool out, some
of his hot seed trickled out of Nate's muscular ass, since waldmeister forum pthc Nate was too
full of cum. Dan'e eyes were wide at the sight. The pthc serial number crack poor little rich boy
was now a poor little bitch boy.
As Nate collapsed on the bed, spent, the man gathered his things, pulled on
some pants and a tank top and walked towards the door. As he walked out, he
patted Dan on the chest, saying "Have fun kid. He's a wild one."
As the man disappeared out of the apartment, Dan was still surprised but
eventually found the words, "What are you doing?" Humphreys don't stay
speechless for long.
Nate looked up at Dan, a bit annoyed. It's fine that Dan pthc pedo pics vid
was there, but if
he was staying, he wanted to fuck with him and not talk. Nate was becoming
more like Chuck everyday. "It's my apartment what are you doing here?"
"I came over to talk," explained Dan defensively, unable to waldmeister forum pthc break his gaze
from Nate's sculpted body, specifically his bubble butt. His smooth skin
shined with sweat. "I pthc ilegal rapidshare thought you were upset about me hooking up with
Serena, but I see that you've moved on. And the doorman let me in." Even
when he was turned on, Dan could be self-righteous.
"I told the doorman to let in any guy asking for me. He must have figured
you were my next trick," explained Nate. Nate arched an eyebrow, "So image boards pthc
you?" Dan didn't know what cp company pthc to say. He thought they were still fighting, but
now Nate wanted to have sex. They'd had sex plenty of times before, and Dan
was plenty turned pthc rompl baby on by the thought of Nate offering himself up as a slutty
bottom boy to pthc child pics anyone who would take advantage. And with Serena and Vanessa
(and Chuck) abroad, Dan definitely pthc photo gallery
needed to get laid. Before he could even
try to explain to Nate that they should talk about the mess with Serena,
Nate was upon him.
Nate smashed his naked body up against Dan, and forcefully kissed him. Dan
opened his mouth, half to reciprocate the kiss and half to babble on in his
Humphrey way. But quickly he gave in to the kissing side. He grasped Nate's
smooth, sweaty body with his hands, running them up and down his back and
shoulders and ass. Even through Dan's heavy jeans, sex video pthc
Nate felt his firm cock
pushing to get free. He yanked Dan's pants down, and as Dan stepped out of
them and took off his shoes, Nate lifted Dan's tank top over his head. Dan
was standing only in tight grey boxer briefs now against Nate's naked body.
Before Dan could tuck his thumbs under his own waistband and pull them off,
Nate was on his knees before Dan taking them off for him. No sooner had the
boxer briefs hit the floor than Nate had wrapped his lips around Dan's
tool. The sensation took Dan's breath away. Nate had been sucking a lot of
cock on his summer vacation, and the practice was paying off. He expertly
teased the head before suddenly and expertly deep throating Dan's teen
cock. Dan moaned and ran pthc young child his hands through Nate's pthc cumshot
thick hair. Dan's knees
were weak, and he leaned against the door frame to keep from
collapsing. Nate reached up with one hand, running his fingers over Dan's
abs and upper body, feeling Dan's dark chest hair. With his other hand,
Nate reached behind himself and began fingering his hole. His finger became
coated with sticky cum. His fingers slipped into his hole easily with the
cum as lube and a day's worth of men loosening him up. Dan was so turned on
by the display of slutty jock Nate getting off on being submissive, and
happily began pumping his cock into Nate's wanting mouth. Nate loved being
taken by the sensitive boy, and moaned loudly as he slurped on Dan's
piece. He had to pull his finger out of his own ass to steady himself from
Dan's assault and keep from falling over. But Nate didn't mind, he actually
preferred pleasuring someone else over pleasuring himself, and based on
Dan't grunts he knew Dan was having a good time.
Nate looked up at Dan, enjoying the look of ecstasy pthc 14yo girl video on Dan's face. Dan
looked back down at Nate, and made contact with his pleading eyes. Dan
loved how much Nate needed to be filled, and he happily obliged. He placed
his hands on the back of Nate's head and forced him down further and deeper
onto his teen cock, not interbook pthc breaking eye contact with Nate. Nate felt Dan's
spear parting his lips and thrusting to the back of his throat, filling his
mouth with his meaty taste,before pulling out almost completely and then
repeating the stabbing motion. Dan pulled his dick out of Nate's hungry
mouth and held it in one hand. He starting Nate on the cheek's with it,
wetting Nate's face with saliva and pre-cum. Like a dog hungry for a bone,
Nate chased the dick with his mouth, as Dan kept smacking his face with
it. Finally Nate was rewarded, and Dan sunk his dick back deep down Nate's
As much as Nate enjoyed and appreciated Dan yoda pthc bbs
using his throat, he knew they
would both get even more pleasure out of Dan sinking into his waiting
ass. Nate summoned all of his willpower and took Dan's tasty tool out of
his mouth and rose to his feet. His kissed Dan hard on the lips, and the
two boys ran their hands all over each other's tight, muscular bodies. As
Nate's tongue explored Dan's mouth, Dan loved the taste of his own dick in
Nate's mouth. With Dan completely mesmerized, Nate walked over to the underground pthc portal bed
and bent over it. He looked over his shoulder to see Dan gazing at his
exposed asshole. "What are you waiting for, Humphrey?"
Dan could take in the site of this horny boy-god bent over for him,
cum-filled pucker in the air all day. But they both knew it would be more
fun to fuck. Dan walked over to Nate and spit into his palm. He worked the
saliva into Nate's hole with his fingers and instantly realized that Nate
didn't need the lube: his ass was full of cum. Dan was so turned on by the
thought of a stream of guys fucking Nate, he pulled his fingers out and
licked them. Nate wiggled his buns in the air, and Dan got back to the task
at hand. He lined his dick up with Nate's hole, and slowly pushed in past
the opening. Even though Nate had a tight hole, the cum helped Dan slide
right in. Nate moaned at the satisfaction of finally having his ass filled
by cock again.
Dan also enjoyed it. Nate's ass was vice-like as always, but the loads of
cum served as a nice lube. Plus, if you ever met Dan Humphrey, you could
tell that the kid jerks off five times a day, so he's good with his
imagination. He loved imagining the myriad of sexy, diverse men coming in
and cumming in Nate, a jock golden boy. Thinking about it, Dan fucked Nate
harder, knowing the preppy boy underneath him liked it rough. "Yeah Dan,
fuck me good. Push those loads in me deeper," commanded assertive bottom
boy Nate. Dan responded by drilling him and slapping his ass hard. Nate
cooed at the spank, pthc 6 and Dan repeated it again, leaving a hand print. He
then grabbed Nate's beautiful hair in his and and turned his head htp pthc sideways,
exposing his neck. While he pumped into him, Dan licked and nibbled at
Nate's neck.
Nate loved having Dan on top of him, plowing into him. He thought it was
hot having all the anonymous sex with everyone in Chuck's little black
book, but he really got off on one of his friends knowing how
indiscriminately slutty he'd been. He liked being used and judged. And Dan
was the most judgmental person in New York.
"Dan, Dan I'm gonna cum," moaned Nate, as he frantically pushed back on
Dan's spear, impaling himself. "Feed my cum!" he pleaded. Dan was of course
turned on by the idea. As he steamrolled into Nate, he used a hand to jerk
Nate's own thick rod. He felt it tense up and begin to quiver, childlover pthc gallery
and he
quickly cupped the head with his palm. Nate shot volley after volley of
boy juice into Dan's hand. Nate moaned like a little bitch as he shot, and
as his orgasm subsided, he whimpered, "Feed it to me..." Dan brought his
cum-soaked hand to Nate's face and stuck his fingers into Nate's
mouth. Nate eagerly sucked on his own cum, giving Dan's fingers a blow
job. Dan fed Nate his cum and smeared it on Nate's cheeks while pounding
away at his ass.
The sensation of fucking Nate while the boy teased his fingers with his
mouth coupled with the thrill of seeing Nate hungrily lap up his own cum
sent Dan over the edge. He began humping Nate like a jack hammer, and Nate
coming down from his own orgasm, cooed and pushed his ass back to meet
Dan's every thrust. "I'm cumming!" shouted Dan, uncharacteristically short
on words.
"Good, spray it all up in me. Add it to every other guy's cum," moaned
Nate. Dan loved the thought of that, and unleashed a flood of boy juice up
inside Nate's tight hole. Dan pthc 14yo girl video felt his dick get coated in cum as Nate's ass
overflowed and his seed dripped out.
Dan collapsed on top of Nate, panting. As Dan pulled out of Nate, the boys
faced each other and began kissing. Dan licked a little of Nate's cum off
of Nate's cheek, and the boys shared the taste of it. Nate was exhausted
from the assembly line of fucking he had received, and Dan was exhausted
from just one round with Nate. Soon, the two spent boys fell asleep naked,
tangled together.
Dan awoke a few hours later to the feeling of a finger in his ass. He
opened his eyes, and a stranger was fingering him. A sexy stranger. Dan
looked over to Nate. Nate was also being awoken by a sexy man, this one was
rimming the loads of cum out of Nate while fingering him. Nate looked over
at Dan, and calmly explained while moaning at the sensations in his ass, hentia pthc "I
guess my next sex video pthc guests have arrived." Both boys surrendered pthc jenny 9yo daughter
to the men's
probing. Dan and Nate began to make out as they offered sandra teen model pthc up their slutty
holes to get fucked by these new strangers.

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